About Us

We just love candles. Seriously! We truly love making them, burning them, looking at them… pretty much anything you can imagine. In fact, we are so passionate about making exquisitely fragranced candles and wax melts, that one day - not so long ago - we decided to share our craft with the world.

That decision proved one of the best we’ve ever made… It took us on a journey of ups, downs, trial and error - all of it drizzled with a delicious sprinkle of fun, laughter and hard work - before arriving at the most perfect amalgamation of ingredients, for the most excellent assortment of candles and melts.

Our Sixth Scent is our craft - designing and making hand poured, natural soy wax candles and melts commonly known to adorn one’s home with remarkable fragrances.

Furthermore, our Sixth Scent is what we now share with you, our customers - discerning individuals bedecking your surroundings with our craft.

We thank you for joining us on our journey, and hope you will delight yourself in the fragranced embrace of our candles and melts.

Dani & Marius