There’s more to scent than meets the nose

Scent therapy with all-natural soy wax candles and candle melt may play a healthy role in mental wellness. 

When you feel stressed out or wound up, you may be inclined to light a candle or warm-up your favourite wax melt, run a warm bath and get in a comfortable position, and slowly unwind and return to a more relaxed mood and balanced state of mind. And if you enjoy a little scent with your candle and feel that somehow, by mysterious-yet-welcome circumstances, it is beneficial to your state of mind, you certainly aren’t alone. 

That’s because the power of scent goes well beyond just making something appealing or repelling, and its deep connection with our limbic system plays a role in our thoughts, emotions, and mood. 

The limbic system and the power of scent 

The limbic system is a special part of our brains that deals with memory and emotions, and it also regulates certain nervous and endocrine system responses in relation to those very memories and emotions. If you suddenly recall a distant memory that makes you happy and excited, or inversely, one which makes you feel nervous and embarrassed, that’s your limbic system at work and taking you back in time. Some memories, although long in the past, still have the power to change not only our mood and emotions, but our body’s response to what passes through our minds. And deeply connected to the amazing power of the limbic system — is our sense of smell.  

Exploring the relationship between smell and mood 

Just like seeing something may induce a potent memory, so does a smell connect with our feelings and memories. Our senses play a major role in how we feel at any given moment, and when you give your senses comfort, they are more than likely to return the favour. 

If you’ve ever found yourself smelling a blooming flower and being carried away by its lovely aroma, you were experiencing the connection between the limbic system and your sense of smell — to satisfying effect. For the same reasons, scented soy wax candles may create a soothing ambience that leads to positive emotions. And those very positive emotions may lead to healthy responses by the limbic system, in the form of nervous and hormone reactions that reduce stress and subdue negative thoughts and feelings. 

The mystery of the mind-body connection 

There’s a deeper mystery still, because scientists are busy exploring the connection between positive thoughts and feelings — and actual physiological benefits. The field itself is called psychoneuroendoimmunology, or PNEI, and while the word is a mouthful, the idea behind it is quite simple and naturally-pleasant.   

Because our senses play a role in our thoughts and emotions, and our thoughts and emotions play a role in our body’s nervous and endocrine responses, there’s very good reason to believe that over time, our state of mind may actually have a direct impact on our body’s ability to fight disease and remain healthy. And while scientists are busy studying this field (to promising results, mind you), there’s certainly no harm in doing your own studies surrounded by the warm glow and aroma of your favourite all-natural soy wax candles from Sixth Scent Candles.

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