Choosing the Healthiest Candle Wax for Your Home

Soy wax is a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to traditional candle wax materials such as paraffin and offers the cosy company of a candle without the harmful side-effects.

When people invented candles thousands of years ago, they probably never imagined a world where candles would be used for anything but light. But today, while we may stock candles for the occasional power outage, we’ve found that their gentle glow, ambience, and aroma are perfect for creating a mood of relaxation. Because candles are part of our lifestyle, choosing a non-toxic candle material such as soy wax ensures a health-conscious and soothing experience in the ambience of candlelight or wax melt.

What is Paraffin, and Why is it Harmful to Our Health?

Paraffin is a traditional candle wax that was discovered nearly two centuries ago, and it has become the standard material for candle making around the world ever since. While it certainly has its uses and makes for a reliable candle, paraffin is not without some harmful side-effects to our health.

Those of us who have always enjoyed the company of a candle but have never considered an alternative to paraffin may notice its distinct characteristics before and after use. These include dark soot on our walls, linens, and especially near areas of use, as well as visible smoke while burning.

While you may not smell anything but the scented fragrance of a paraffin candle, burning paraffin actually releases toxic chemicals into the air that can pose significant health risks over time. Paraffin itself is derived from petroleum, shale oil, and coal, and when burned, it releases carcinogens such as benzene, acetone, and toluene into the air. The more we use paraffin candles, the more risks they pose to our health, which may include respiratory complications, asthma, allergies, and even cancer.

To make matters worse, paraffin candles often contain additive chemicals designed to make the candles last longer, keep them from fading in sunlight or give off a stronger fragrance. These include chemicals such as vybar, polysorbate 80, and mineral oil, among others — none of which have any place in our lungs and are all harmful to our health.

The Benefits of Soy Wax Candles

If candles have suddenly lost their appeal after reading about paraffin — don’t worry, there is a perfectly-healthy alternative in the form of soy wax candles.

Our soy candles and soy melts are made from all-natural soybeans and hand-poured into small batches for consistent and delicate quality. When burned, soy wax does not release any harmful chemicals into the air, nor does it result in any soot on your walls, furniture or linens. Because it burns at a lower temperature, soy wax lasts longer and may be safer around children than a traditional candle. Unlike so many other candles, soy candles do not use animal products such as beeswax or tallow, making them 100% vegan and a wonderful choice for sustainable shoppers wishing to support soybean farmers in the UK and abroad.

At Sixth Scent Candles, all of our fragranced soy wax candles and melts are made with the highest-quality and safest fragrance oils as per strict European safety laws. Every candle and melt is made from 100% soy wax and all our candles come with a nontoxic cotton or maple wood wick, and are packaged in biodegradable materials to ensure complete sustainability — and a candlelight or candle melt experience that offers comfort and peace of mind.

The only thing you have to do now is to find your perfect scent amongst our exquisite selection of soy wax candles and melts.